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Getting to the top is optional, making the journey worthwhile is not!

Getting to the top is optional, making the journey worthwhile is not!

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Everyone has challenges in life, it is part of being human. Despite what I have been through, I have been lucky not to have to go without shelter or food. Shortly after beginning the healing journey from my own history of trauma and loss, I realized that what I'd been through was becoming 'bigger' than me. This realization usually came when what was going on around me and in the world would become extremely disheartening for me in a way that is hard to put into words. It was more than just my own emotions surfacing, but also an unrelenting need to reach out and make a difference. The empathy I would feel for myself and others made it very difficult not to want and be able to take action. It wouldn't be until later that I would realize that the intense emotional affect those things had on me was actually a gift. By turning that difficult emotion into positive action, it was something I could do to make a difference. Recently, after 6-8 months of development work, I have come up with the Climbs for Courage Project.

Each year, starting in 2010, I will attempt to summit 2 peaks in honor of that year’s ‘campaign’. Each campaign will be focused on raising money for a different need. Proceeds from that year’s climbs will go to a non-profit, charity, or other organization that supports the designated need. My ultimate goal for each campaign will be to raise a minimum amount of money equivalent to the total elevation of the peaks climbed that year. Any advertising or marketing will center around that goal. For example, if Mt. Rainier (Washington state 14,411 ft.) and Kilimanjaro (Africa 19,330 ft.) were the peaks selected for 2010’s campaign, it could be referred to as ‘33,741 Feet for Hunger’. My goal would be to raise $33,741 for a non-profit organization that helps those in need of food and other necessities.
The Climbs for Courage Project is proud to present it's 2010 Campaign: 33,741 feet for hunger. This economy is tough on everyone but no one deserves to go hungry. That's why I've chosen to support Food Bank of the Rockies by attempting to summit Mt. Rainier and Kilimanjaro in 2010. In keeping with the vision and mission of the Climbs for Courage Project, my goal is to raise as much money as possible with the ultimate goal being to raise $33,741. Your support is GREATLY appreciated.

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