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Your daily life has lacks colors, it is increasingly becoming insipid, bland, because day after day you are repeating a similar action like nothing changed. Your life is losing its vibrant colors required and only leave you with a dubious white. You need a change for life no longer tasteless. Applying now for Vietnam visa online with TUN Travel at and depart as soon as you have time.
On special occasions such as the Lunar New Year or the 15th of each month when the temple is crowded with people visiting to pray for good luck, happiness and safety for themselves and their families. Also, tourists come at these times can observe the activities of the Buddhist tradition as giving away money like bud good luck for the start of a new year. However, for those who want to enjoy the peace inside of a Buddhist temple, try to stay away from these occasions, ordinary day is better and more peaceful. Those who prefer a vegetarian diet can be detected at a vegetarian restaurant called "Vietnamese Vegetarian", which are hidden in the temple area.

Not surprising that Vietnamese culture is the main theme of Suoi Tien amusement. Park famous for its oriental architecture, with the concept based on the belief in the East. This concept is expressed by all the statues, buildings and games in the park. They symbolize the desire for peace, happiness and wealth. Some are built according to ancient legends of Vietnam like Thanh Giong, Lac Long Quan - Au Co, and Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung. It is the folk character and the story twists into a physical activity and embedded all around the park that makes it stand out.

Apply Vietnam visa on arrival with TUN

Apply Vietnam visa on arrival with TUN

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